Production Ability

R & D Dept

Several well-trained mechanical engineers who are familiar with sophisticated 3D mechanical design software can provide customers with firsthand product identification and measurement.

Most of our EE/ME/ID engineers have more than 10-year experience in research and development. 

They are such experienced and professional experts in the related field that they can promptly generate premium and functional products to meet market and customers’ demands.

Most of our engineers have more than 10-year experience in product maintain and Mass Production Supporting. They are such experienced and professional experts in the related field that they can promptly generate premium and functional products to meet market and customers’ demands.

Engineering Department

R & D

Our motto is to get everything right at the first step of development. The team is devoted to meeting various demands from customers and keeping up with the trend in the market.

ID Design Team

We own thirteen insertion lines and thirteen auto dry ovens. We insist the concept of high efficiency and high quality in the Production process. We totally follow the rule of the ISO 9001 to complete the PCB ‘s insertion and sealing procedure.


Insertion Line

We own eight assembly lines and we apply the military standard , MIL-STD-105E, as quality control that all the products have to pass the four serious function testing from assembly to packaging. As a result, all the products we made are perfect.
Our mold department handles the creation and maintenance of the mold. Moreover, we are increasing our mold facilities and experienced artificers to keep our production up-to-date. These facilities and system keep our production in a prefect status.


SMT Line

We have three SMT lines to enhance capacity and the whole production capability. The whole SMT production line is designed according to the standard of safety work shop of static electricity. Also, we totally follow the rule ISO 9001 to complete the SMT basic procedures which including gluing, solidification, sealing, cleaning, testing.



High quality comes from our responsibilities toward to customers and resolution to consistent improvement. In order to guarantee our quality, Every product is tested through formal and professional procedure.

We have professional and experienced engineers to monitor every single production and testing. We also apply military standard MIL-STD-105E to check quality of the product. Every product has to pass 4 severe functional tests. In the series of inspecting system and the evidence of ISO 9001 certificate, you could be 100% sure that we will give you the perfect product.

CE Certification
The purpose of the directives is to set binding requirements in the health and safety field and other requirements for the common good. These are labeled “essential requirements”.

The main concern behind the new legislative approach is to ensure that: 1. Only products which are safe in respect to health, the environment and consumer protection will be allowed to circulate. 2. Any product marketed legally in one country of the EU can also be sold in all the other countries.


TECH-TOP  is proud to succeed Fedral Communications Commission regulation. FCC is an independent United States government agency, directly responsible to Congress. The FCC was established by the Communications Act of 1934 and is charged with regulating interstate and international communications by radio, television, wire, satellite and cable. The FCC’s jurisdiction covers the 50 states, the District of Columbia, and U.S. possessions.

TECH-TOP  complies with RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) policy of EU (European Union) This is a policy of European Union, the intention reduces the specific harmful substance included in the mechanical material of electron, the intact name is “Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment”, the purpose lies in bearing the health and environment since production up to discarding , the cycle of whole life of the products must be limited to minimum limit.